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What to Think about When You're Waiting Around... A collection of thoughts from Erzurum, Turkey:
March 22, 2000

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Brian making friends in Erzurum
YOU are a unique and special individual, filled with many different talents, gifts, and special characteristics. My dad always shares this with me, and I'm happy to pass that message along to you. I am so glad that you are who you are, especially since I've met some of you through e-mail, your responses to dispatches, or in person. Perhaps one day our paths will cross. "Cause you're good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, people really like you!" Those are words from a well know Saturday Night Live skit.

My experience with the Worldtrek has given me the opportunity to grow into more of who I want to be, both as an individual and as a group member. I'm curious to know the changes that others see in me from the last thirteen months of traveling. Recently, I heard via e-mail from two people who knew me from seventh grade, at Ramblewood Middle School. They remembered me and basically wanted to know what's up? What has happened in the past fourteen years, how am I doing now and what am I feeling? I shared with them how I think I'm basically a more enlightened, stronger version of who I was at twelve or thirteen. The last year has definitely been and enlightening and strengthening time.

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Being Nutty and Fruity together
If two middle school friends dialed you up on the cyberphone fifteen years from now, how will you explain what's up? Where do you see yourself? What would you like to be doing? How would you like to be feeling? Do you think people would be surprised at the changes? Would they not be surprised, because you'd be the same? Just a few things for you to think about next time you find yourself waiting around for a visa to Iran!!


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