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What's for dinner?!
March 18, 2000


We've traveled all over the world, and we keep getting the same question from you: "What do you guys eat, anyway?"

That's a good question! We all love to eat and so we're always thinking about food. In the markets here in Turkey, we can find food from many of the countries. But, we have mainly been eating local foods, which have been great!

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Fresh produce from Turkey and around the world.  Yummy!

In the market one day, a friendly voice called out to me from a kebapci, a shish kebab restaurant. Peeking out through the store window Osman offered me strange bits of meat that I didn't want to ask about. "I'm a vegetarian!" I told him, laughing. "I only eat vegetables!"

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Osman the kebapci smiles from behind the fresh parsley.

"Come in, anyway! Have some tea!" he said. Everyone is very friendly and very curious about tourists.

So I sat down with Osman and his friend, Ali, inside the tiny shop. Suddenly, a boy showed up at the door with a tray of three hot teas in tiny, tulip-shaped glass cups. I am still amazed by how much tea people drink in Turkey.

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Ali's <em>tatlici</em> tempts the taste buds with baklava and other treats.

Ali, it turns out, owns the tatlici, sweet shop, across the street. Mmm, sweets! Now that's something I eat! Ali showed me around his shop-cookies, baklava, and lots of syrup-y gooey things whose names I can't remember.

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Turkish delight lives up to its name--it's gooey and delicious!

One thing I love to eat are the world famous Turkish delights! Turkish delights remind me of jelly candies, or huge jelly beans! They come in dozens of colors and flavors, and most of the shops will let you taste them before you buy. I, of course, have to try ALL of them before I can decide.


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