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For His Eyes Only: The Adventures of Secret Agent 006.5
March 8, 2000

These are notes from the book of
Secret Agent 006.5

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Ataturk seems to be
It all started a few weeks ago with my first assignment in Turkey. Everywhere that I went I kept seeing a picture of the same man. I couldn't shake the feeling that he was following me. It seemed that he was everywhere I looked. Step into a bakery -there he was. A bookstore -there he was. This guy was on me like a tail on a dog. Every time I looked back he was still there. What does he want from me? Those eyes; those intense eyes give me the shivers. I decided to call Odyssey headquarters and determine his identity.

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Contacting  Odyssey headquarters to get the 411 on Ataturk
I flipped out my pocket transmitter and dialed the secret code, and within seconds special agent K was on the line. "Greetings agent 006.5, I hope you have a good reason for using this special secret line." "Yeah, K, I think I'm being followed and I need your help. Wherever I go there are pictures of this man staring down at me.... I need to know who he is." I proceeded to describe him; piercing eyes, bushy eyebrows, while she typed the information into her computer at home base. "Okay, it looks like we found the guy you're looking for. He is known as Kemal Ataturk, the Father of the Turks..... kksssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhkkkk...."

I gasped as the signal dissolved into static. They don't make top secret transmitters like they used to. I started to make my way to the nearest Internet café, scanning the crowd for signs of this mysterious Ataturk fellow. I darted through the streets until I finally reached an Internet café. I headed straight for the computer and began searching for information on my mysterious pursuer. After a few clicks and whirs I got the information I was looking for.

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The more I read,  the more I realize the
"Hmmm, Kemal Ataturk. Formerly known as Mustafa Kemal. Led troops to victory as an officer in the Turkish Army in World War I. Organized the revolution and resulting Turkish War of Independence. Is known as the Father of the Turks. Wow, this guy has been around the block."

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Can you see the resemblance to Ataturk?
The hair on the back of my neck began to tingle, and I looked up to find a picture of Ataturk, staring out with that familiar iron gaze. With a gasp I bolted from the chair and fumbled for some money to pay for my time on the computer. I nearly dropped the bills when I saw that same face staring back at me from the face of the Turkish lira (money). This guy is everywhere!


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