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Dreams Come True in Turkey
March 1, 2000

Berra (Karina's new harem name) spent her first few years in the harem in school. She was very good at languages and learned to read and write within no time at all. She also studied dancing and became known for her natural dancing abilities .

Soon it was time for the young girls in the harem to take on new responsibilities. Some became cooks and maids and teachers. The luckiest ones cared for the Queen Mother or the sultan, himself. To Berra, the sultan was just a mysterious ruler. She had never even seen him! But that was soon going to change.

Berra's new role was as a special dancer for the Queen Mother. Every day, she and the other dancers would perform for the Queen Mother in her private room. One day, however, the sultan came by to see them perform. At first, Berra was very nervous. But she could not help noticing that the sultan was very good looking.

Berra and the Sultan make eye contact
The sultan also thought Berra was beautiful. After that day, he began coming to the Queen Mother's room every day to see her perform.

The Queen Mother was quick to realize that the two were starting to fall in love. But before she would let them be together, first she wanted to make sure Berra was fit to be royalty. She made Berra one of her personal maids, who are called ladies-in-waiting.

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It didn't take long for the Queen Mother to see that Berra was just as smart as she was beautiful. Berra would read stories aloud to the Queen and soon, the sultan started joining them to hear her pretty voice.

By the end of the year, Berra was selected to become one of the concubines of the sultan. This is one of the most prized achievements in the harem, because the sultan's favorite concubine becomes the mother of the next sultan. She also becomes Queen Mother. Becoming a concubine is what every girl dreams of from the first day she is brought in to the great harem.


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