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Two Parts Strangers, Three Parts Tea: Making Friends in Turkey
February 26, 2000

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With new friends outside of Konya
Mom and Dad always said, "Don't talk to strangers." That's really good advice, especially when you're young.

We're a little bit older now, and so far away from home that everyone we meet is a stranger! We're careful about where we walk and who we talk to, but it's our job to get to know people and tell you about them and the strange and interesting places they live.

Here in Turkey it seems like everybody we meet quickly becomes a new friend. People are so nice and friendly-they always greet us with smiles!

Like my new friends Nizam and Kim. A nice man at the tourist center told me about them, and the next thing I new I was having lunch with Kim! We talked about life for girls and women in Turkey, and ate a lunch that was a lot like pizza!

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Example of a carpet sold in Konya
The nicest part was what Nizam said to me when I left. He said, "You have a brother in Konya." Of course he's not my real brother, but a good, true friend.


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