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Kavi Gets MAD With Art
February 12, 2000

Adi, Ahmad, Sliman, and the other artists who brought youth like Naama, Moeed, and Khafes together from the different sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to create four beautiful mosaics, are not through yet. They have a vision and invite you to come take part:

"Approaching peace without borders on the eve of the third millennium


A mosaic created by children and youth from around the world gives birth to a path to the next century.

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New friends share their visions
Young people around the world join the three communities in the region, in hope for a fear-free future.

In a location holy to Christianity, Islam and Judaism, we wish to launch the third millennium with an international educational project.

Assembling small pieces of dreams and visions into one piece, gathering its strength from the accumulation of its many parts --The path created by the mosaic will transform places of confrontation and alienation into places of dreams, hope and emotional engagement -- a meeting place."

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Piecing together a future without fear
Yes, a meeting place, both physical and theoretical... the four beautiful mosaic pieces that the youth from Israel and Palestine created together during their first meeting were just a beginning of a beautiful vision. These dedicated artists have formed a non-profit called the Foundation for Art in the Community and Cross-Cultural Dialogue to see this vision carried through. Inspired by what the Foundation is trying to achieve, the Governor of Tul Karim in Palestine has given them a beautiful piece of land on the border between Palestine and Israel that will soon be transformed into a Peace Park... a meeting place. With a visitor's center, benches and park space, the highlight of the meeting place will be the mosaic pathway, a pathway that was created and will continue to be created by youth from all over the world -- youth sharing their visions of a Future without Fear. This crossroads will create a meeting point for a dialogue that is not only a metaphor and an art locus, but also one that has the will and the spirit to nurture.

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Creating understanding and fostering creativity with crayons

So how can you help? It's easy! Just sit down and share your vision. Use pencils, crayons, paints, colored paper, scissors, chalk, or whatever you can get your hands on. Think about the world we live in today and imagine the possibilities of a better future, a future without fear. No, you may not grow up in a place where armed soldiers walk through your neighborhood everyday or where you encounter discrimination or hatred, but fear comes in many forms. Maybe you fear a nuclear holocaust, or the destruction of all our pristine forests. Maybe you fear for your family's health and safety, or a big earthquake. Maybe you fear the spread of cancer and AIDS or children continuing to be born into poverty. Maybe you fear the dark or being left alone. Whatever your fears, share your hopes for a fearless future. Send your images directly to:

The Foundation for Art in the Community and Cross-Cultural Dialogue P.O. Box 58081 Atidim Park, Tel Aviv 61580 Tel: 09-7495619 Fax: 09-7496534


locus - a point or location
metaphor - an idea that is explained through symbols
alienation - the result of someone or something being excluded from that which is familiar

Pieces for Peace will grow over time as the number of its' participants increases. Your images could contribute and be turned into a growing mosaic. In time, the foundation hopes to incorporate cultural exchanges between youth here and abroad and invite youth from other parts of the world to help create their images for a Future without Fear in the mosaic. The Foundation has many beautiful objectives, but unfortunately the peace they are working to achieve is a difficult one to realize. There are many ways you can help this group that is bringing people together in real ways to pave a path towards peace. Just sending in your images is one way. If you would like to help this non-profit in other needed ways, please write them.

It is only through communication that we can begin to dispel our fears of one another and our world... let's all join together to bring on a Future without Fear.


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Kavi Gets MAD With Art

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