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Did He Miss the Bus? Nope. Kevin Says Goodbye...

February 5, 2000

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Me and my favorite gals!

Hey there, Junior Trekker! It's your buddy Kevin, saying goodbye before I go. I'm going to stay here in Israel, to learn more about it with my girlfriend, Tamar, but don't you worry! Your pals Abeja, Jasmine, Kavitha and Monica will trek on and keep telling you wonderful stories about cool places.

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Look at the cute little lamb I found back in Timbuktu!

I'm sad it's over, but happy too. I've seen and done some pretty neat things, like traveling across the desert and through the jungle, and eating all kinds of strange and wonderful foods.

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Partying in Peru when it was 1999

I'll miss all that, and I'll miss my friends. Abeja, Jasmine, Kavitha, Monica and I have worked, played, eaten and traveled together, and talked and talked and talked. They've been my family when my real family is so far away.

But I won't be sad forever. I'm staying here to learn more about Israel, which I really like. And I have great memories to keep me happy when I'm away from my friends. I won't forget all the kind and wonderful people I've met in different countries.

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Alas, the donkey and I have to say adieu to our Odyssey fans!

Keep reading, Junior Trekkers! Andrew and Brian have joined the Trek, so look out for their stories too!


Andrew - Strange Encounters in Turkey
Brian - Oh the places we'll go!

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