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Oh the places we'll go!
February 5, 2000


One morning long ago while walking to school
I spotted a lorax in a tree on a stool
And he called out to me in his particular way
And motioned that he had something to say.

He imparted to me these words of advice-
Disappearing before I could ask him twice-
But as he left I heard the echo
"Oh the places we'll go!"

"You will be a part of the Odyssey,
A traveling group of possibility;
The places you'll go and the people you meet
In some ways are the same as the ones down your street.

Click image for larger view
Look- we're one big, happy family already!

Monica, Kavitha, Abeja, Jazzy and Andrew
Will all be waiting in Turkey to meet you.
So pack up your bags, although you may be frightened,
There are backpacks to wear and belts to be tightened.
And before you depart we'll really pile on
A computer and stuff to use while you're gone

You will talk every week to friends 'round the world
Who travel with you as the trip is unfurled...
From the deserts of Africa to the polar ice caps:
This global classroom covers the maps

And travel, my friend, is not always as it seems-
We can travel on land or travel in dreams.
But wherever we go there's one thing to remember
An open eye and heart will warm the coldest December.

So I packed up my bags and hopped on the plane,
And in my mind I heard a familiar refrain:
The words of the lorax so long ago
Oh the places we'll go!

I wound my way through the bustling streets,
Past beautiful mosques and stands selling sweets,
And after some time I made my way
To the hostel where the Team was to stay.

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Having a spot of tea with my new teammate!

Pausing a moment before I knocked on the door
I wondered if I was ready for the adventures in store
And were they real, these trekkers I had seen
Or were they just pictures on a monitor screen?

All of these questions were answered for good
When I knocked on the door and there Abeja stood.
And sure enough they were all there
They took me in under their care.

Introductions were made and hugs were exchanged,
Bags were unloaded and beds were arranged,
And for several days we enjoyed our time together
Drinking warm apple tea in this wintertime weather.

And as we explore we just want you to know
"Oh the places we'll go!"


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