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May Palestine Find Peace
February 2, 2000

Goodbye Palestine, holy land.
Goodbye fighting.
Goodbye soldiers on every bus.
Goodbye guns.
Six weeks later and I still do not understand you.

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Goodbye to the soldiers at every checkpoint
Two different worlds in one country. Palestinians and Israelis who have been so nice to me, and mean to each other The peace process, while slowly bringing these groups together, is also tearing them up inside.

Some things I've seen give me great hope for future peace. Other things scare me--the anger and the bombs. Peace is a fragile thing.

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The beautiful buildings of Jerusalem

The work today is for the next generation.  A generation that does not remember the long history of fighting.  Is this generation the one?  
Is it ready?

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Groups like the Seeds of Peace bring hope to this part of the world

I leave here sadly, knowing the land and the people. I have thrown my heart into the mess. Whether or not I ever return, I will watch its history unfold. Will Palestine return to war?  Or will the brave step forward and work for peace? 


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