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The Other Side:
Friend or Foe?

January 26, 2000

Are there some people you just don't get along with?

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A group of SOPs talk things over
Why is that? Is it because of something they did
to you a long time ago,
or is it from some misunderstanding? Maybe you can't name a good reason. Maybe it's been so long that you can't imagine ever getting along with them again.

It's kind of like that with the Israelis and the Palestinians. Each has done a lot of bad things to the other, but neither side is going away--they have to live together in a small country in the Mideast. Some kids, Israelis and Palestinians, are trying to get together and understand each other through a group called "Seeds of Peace" (SOP). Their parents might not get along, but they think it's the only way their people will ever learn to live together.

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Raouf, Razan and Matan are three members of SOP
These kids are trying to show students how to get along--and tell them that trying to understand a Palestinian or Israeli student your own age doesn't mean you're a traitor. It's not easy. Some of these kids have never met a person from the other side, so it can be a shock. People fight and cry. But they leave knowing more about the other person, about the other side, whether they are Israelis or Palestinians, and that's a good thing.

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Members of Seeds of Peace face off about important issues and learn that on the "other side" there are human beings
These kids are going to make a difference in their world. Maybe you should try to understand someone you don't get along with better, too. You could end up being friends.


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