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Time to Eat
January 12, 2000


Today is the end of a Muslim holiday called Ramadan when people don't eat during the day for a whole month. Right now, everyone is out buying food and gifts and new clothes. I'm going to go to a party and eat a big special dinner with my friend Rabeha and her family.

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Enjoying the restaurant

It's a race against time, because everyone wants to be home for sunset when they can eat. I take a fun ride in a taxi and make two new friends named Abdul and Suhair. My new friend Suhair gives me a big piece of peanut candy and we share it, eating together. He then takes me into a store that, almost like magic, turns into a restaurant filled with hungry people and lots of delicious-smelling food. All of his friends are so friendly.

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Aya, Maysa, and Rania

Finally, I go to see my friend, Rabeha. She takes me to another place for dessert. There are children all around, playing and laughing. Two little girls run around dancing and stuffing popcorn into their mouths. It's so much fun that it feels like Christmas, only in a different culture and country.

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It's feast or famine

The Muslim holiday called Ramadan that I spent with my two new friends, Abdul and Suhair and with my friend Rabeha, was so much fun. At first, we were really hungry. But then, we ate and ate and ate and went to parties. Imagine more delicious candy and chocolates and fruits than you could ever eat. Everyone had fun with their families.

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Kavitha is kept well fedSweets and more sweets


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