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A New Year, A Fresh Start?
January 5, 2000!
The balloons fell all around the dance floor, while glittering confetti sparkled. I was overcome with a powerful feeling of hope, and Kevin, his girlfriend Tamar and I all hugged tightly. "Whoo-hoooo! Yay!" we all exclaimed.

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Monica lookin' pretty
We were all dressed up and dancing to the pounding rhythm in a Tel Aviv theater (converted into a dance floor), and I LOVE to dance. We had spent the earlier part of the evening on Sheinkin Street, near Kevin's apartment, where all the hip cool happening young people hang out. Now we were celebrating New Year's Eve here: thousands of other locals and visitors were doing the same thing.

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Ringing in the New Year
My original plan was to spend New Year's Eve on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem (but instead I went dancing). Many hundreds of Christians had gathered there, in the hopes of witnessing the Second Coming. Many thousands of extra police, border police, and volunteers had also been deployed for the weekend all throughout the country, just in case any emergencies cropped up.

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But Y2K came and went okay here. No major glitches or scares. How was it for you?


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Abeja - 'Twas the Holiday of Holidays!

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