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JonahJ O N A H  W I T T K A M P E R

Jonah is the son of yogurt bootleggers, an Internet pioneer, and a youth leader. Jonah solves computer problems and sets up Internet sites at the world's largest computer consulting corporation. He also organizes Internet and computer activities for the Institute for New Leaders. Most recently he has joined the Global Youth Committee of an education organization called the International Education And Resource Network (I*EARN), which puts schools in different countries in touch with each other through the Internet to inspire young people to make a difference. Jonah believes that the greatest tool for inspiring young people and motivating them towards positive action is to provide them with limitless opportunties of leadership and self imposed educational exploration.

Interview with Jonah.

Jonah's Log
9/21/98 - Thinking Outside the Box to Make Change

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9/10/98 - Misunderstanding Mexico City


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