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What Is The Mexico Trek?


A student following the Odyssey's Mexico Trek unguided by a teacher will experience the program as a chance to share in the many adventures of the Trek Team and join in some activities that relate to the Trek.

BUT, there is quite a bit of structure and purpose behind what the Team is doing and what the student sees and does, and there are many resources available to help you plan how the students use the Mexico Trek to maximize and focus their learning.

In this brief outline, you will find information on:

  • The Student Perspective
  • The Academic Structure
  • The FREE Curriculum


The unguided student will understand the Mexico Trek primarily as it is presented on the Web which has four main sections:

Trekkers ­ This is where the student follows the Trek. Content recorded by the Odyssey's Mexico Team, be it video, text, photos or audio, is shared with the students. This is also where students find "Your Turn," where they get to vote and make suggestions on what the team does.

Trek Connect ­ This is communications central. Here students can share their thoughts on suggested topics or create their own. They can also participate in live chats, both scheduled and improvised, with people the Team meets in Mexico, with the team members, and other students.

Making a Difference ­ Here the students find activities that allow them to have an impact in their own communities or on global issues. Activities range from immediate and easy to more involved and student-driven. Some are Internet-based, others not.

Guidebook ­ This provides the context for the Trek. It provides brief and interesting background info on Mexico and links to other websites with related information.

THE ACADEMIC STRUCTURE Behind these many facets and the excitement and unpredictability of the Mexico Trek lies a program design that ties in directly with national standards in a variety of subjects. We area offering a way for you to:

  • Effectively integrate the Internet into your existing curriculum
  • Expand on your curriculum to bring in critical global issues
  • Apply and build on what students are learning through service learning activities

The Team is composed of three people, with distinct focuses and itineraries:

Monica Flores is the Team Leader and her itinerary and the content she puts on the Web and the interactions she establishes for your students will tie in directly with a "Mexico-focused" itinerary. So if you would like to use the Mexico Trek to promote awareness of Mexican culture, her itinerary will help you plan ahead.

Silvia Montero is the Service Volunteer and will be living and working with Casa Alianza, a local non-profit that works with homeless youth. Here work will generally focus on the theme of "Youth and Society," which is at the core of the Mexico Trek. It is in conjunction with her work and this theme that most of the service learning activities on the "Making a Difference" page will be oriented.

Shawn Sullivan is the Team "Techie" and will be supporting both Monica and Silvia in their efforts.

There is plenty of room left then for students and teachers alike to have input into what the Team does, as well as to allow for those "teachable moments" that arise during the trek. This is part of what keeps the students excited and keeps our broader non-student audience coming back.


You will find some WONDERFUL lessons available free for your use that tie in directly with both the "Mexico" focus and the "Youth and Society" focus. The Mexico curriculum has been donated largely by teachers specializing in this area. We owe thanks mostly to Amnestly International for making available its youth-oriented curriculum on the 50th Anniversary of the Convention on Human Rights. Again, both sets of lessons are designed to meet the national standards that you are probably already addressing in your own classrooms and to reinforce everything the team does.


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