Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: September 13 Shawn's Log

Beware the Red Zone!

The Red ZoneThe whole team has had a chance to spend some time in what is known as the Zona Rosa of Mexico City. Itís upscale tourist area here. If you are looking for bargain Mexican souvenirs, this is not the neighborhood to visit. If you are looking for a Tiffany lamp, a four-star hotel or an expensive Italian restaurant, this is the place for you. The streets here are lined with familiar signs and names. McDonalds, Haagen-Daz, and Tower Records were just a few of the places we encountered that reminded us of home. As you walk down these ten or eleven blocks you feel as if you could be in any major city in the US or Europe. If you listen, you hear the songs of many languages as the well-dressed tourists meander contentedly from shop to shop, emptying their wallets blissfully.

We once ate in an over-priced, but very nice westernized restaurant. Monica and Hugo had tacos, which are flat and on soft tortillas, unlike US tacos. They said the food was excellent, but the only things they had for vegetarians were french fries and chips, so I was less than satisfied (and a little ill).


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