Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: September 11 Silvia's Log

Ulises Montiel Silva

              In the end, does Ulises believe we can or canít change the world?

    How are the world powers causing suffering and pain?

Ulises Montiel SilvaBuenos dias, yo me llamo Ulises.

I want you all to think about what is happening in the world to try to find a way to fix our problems. There are cities where people are starving to death. There are world powers that are making weapons, and they donít seem to notice the suffering and pain that this causes.

I donít think this will change because the future is already decided, thereís going to be a constant extermination on behalf of corrupt governments that only seek riches and power. Then there will be no hope because there will be more injustices and when we die we will only be food for the worms.

We have to live as best we can before the end of the world comes. I donít want to die without having loved - respected, adored, and appreciated another person, or several persons.

We, ourselves, are destroying life. WE CAN CHANGE THIS LIFE. All we need is to want to, leaving behind racism, pollution, corruption, demagogy, etc. Even if many of us want these changes, there are many who wonít participateÖ

How can we make these individuals reflect on this? I leave you with some of my favorite quotes:

"Tomorrow when I die, do not come to look for me,
I will never be under the earth, because I am the wind of liberty."

"Anarchy is the highest expression of order."

"Do not surrender, go forth until victory forever."


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