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September 12, 1998 Update


What’s in the September 12 site?

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Monday, September 7  
Monica: Come See the Miracle! Our Lady of Guadalupe

Monica writes about visiting the site where the Virgin Mary appeared to an indigenous man 250 years ago and the importance of this sighting for Mexicans and beyond.

EASY — Have your students simply go to the Message Board and post opinions about what impressed them in the story. Tell them to use their real names and then you can easily and quickly go through the Message Board and see who did it to hold them accountable.

MORE INVOLVED — If your students haven’t had to do a research paper based on the Internet, here’s a good chance. Depending on their age and skills they can write three lines or three pages. This story has good links to other sites on the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Silvia: Profile of an Activist

In this interview with a 24 year old political activist, Silvia explores the rise of non-government organizations in Mexico, especially the role that youth have played.(below)

This ties in well with the activity for "Silvia — Changing the World." (below)
Tuesday, September 8  
Shawn: The US Invades Mexico - Read all about it!!!

Shawn visits the Monument to the "Niños Heroes," the kids who threw themselves off the walls of the Chapultepec Castle rather than surrender to the American troops advancing on Mexico City. He also talks about some of the effects of the Mexican American War.

This article is especially good for sparking discussions both because it's about youth, and because it was the US that was attacking. What would your students do in the same circumstances? Is there anything they would give their life for? If your kids are American, what is their opinion of this American action (based on the little they know)? If they aren’t American, what is their opinion of countries like the US taking actions like this?
Silvia: Changing the world — Start here…

Here Silvia shares the comments of one formerly homeless youth in Mexico City urging kids to act locally to affect change.

This article ties in well with the Making a Difference activity below.
Wednesday, September 9  
Team: Special Team Report - Live from Acapulco!

This is a very brief report explaining that the team lost Internet access in Acapulco, and has the newest team member, Jonah, answer 4 brief questions about first impressions being in Mexico.


On the "Trekkers" page under "Your Turn" your students are invited to share their ideas about a variety of topics on the Message Board on the Trek Connect page.

The Making a Differencepage raises some wonderful possibilities for getting your kid involved in thinking about and working on issues affecting homeless youth. The good news is that it provides a framework for getting them thinking about the issue and how they think it should most effectively be addressed. It really takes them deeply into the issue. It will more thoroughly reinforce everything they’re learning than previous activities. The bad news (depending on how you look at it) is that it is not so quick as previous activities involving letter writing, phone calling, and web surfing. If you have some time you want to give your students to work on this, it can be marvelous, but without some investment of time the students may be dissatisfied that they aren’t really able to execute their ideas effectively.

Keep your eye out in the next update as we offer more of both support for this kind of longer-term work, and more quick and easy activities!

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