Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: September 9 Team Log

Special Report - Live from Acapulco!

Jonah, Monica and Shawn are in Acapulco (where it has rained almost nonstop!) and they haven’t been able to get on the Internet for over a day. They sent us a lot before that — everything else in this update - but they made a phone call to let us all know they’re alright, and to have the newest team member, Jonah, answer a few brief questions. He just joined the others a week ago and we wanted to share some of his thoughts:

Question: What has surprised you about Mexico?
Jonah: The air pollution and crime aren’t as bad as I feared they might be based on what you read and hear.

Question: What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen.
Jonah: I saw a humming bird in Mexico City. Someone told me there are no birds in Mexico City because the pollution is so bad, but it’s apparently not true!

Question: OK, what haven’t you liked?
Jonah: I had altitude sickness when I first arrived in Mexico City. I’m from New York where you’re pretty much at sea level, while Mexico City is at 7350 feet. The air is thinner at this altitude and it affected me. And don’t drink the water because it can make you sick. Drink only bottled water.

Question: What do you think of the team?
Jonah: Stellar!

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Team - Special Report - Live from Acapulco!

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