Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: September 8 Silvia's Log

Changing the world - The ideal place to start

One of my housemates has a strong opinion about how to affect change in the world:

"The ideal place to start is in one's local community instead of in another country," she says. Ultimately, youth are responsible for taking up a cause and fighting for it. It's logical for one to beginChange your world! where they live, and move up from the personal to the social by expanding from within one's own group. After a project is planned and carried out and it is evaluated to know what works and doesn't work, then sharing that information with organizations in other countries is a way to contribute and effect change there.

"Promote change within your OWN community. Begin by educating those around you about an issue. Then create a project to address that issue. Social problems are everyone's problems, and not only the government's, a non-governmental organization's, or an institution's. If you don't begin in your own community you won't have a base group to work with and you're alone. You need a strong, committed group."

I encourage each of you to visit The Odyssey’s Making a Difference page for ideas about what you can do in your own community to address the issue that we have been focusing on here in Mexico - homeless youth.


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