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September 9, 1998 Update


What’s in the Setpember 9 site?

This week the team really moved around Mexico City. What they kept finding were exciting displays of performing arts! Also, meet the families they are living with and how you can join them.

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Friday, September 4  
Monica: The Flying Men of Mexico!

Monica reports on a performance dating back centuries where four men fly around a pole.

The more "culturally informative" reports of this update all seem to beg that students make comparisons. They are good for getting youth thinking about their own culture in a biographical format.

EASY Extension - if you have access to word processors for your kids!: (NOTE: if this is the first time your students have done this, it will not be difficult, but will still take some time, so allow for it.) You can extend the lesson beyond the regular essay assignment by having the kids import graphics from the Mexico Trek Website. Have them decide which story they want to use for their comparison (or assign it yourself). Then have them use the right click on the mouse on whatever picture they want to use in their essay. They will be given either the option to "copy" or "save image." If they copy, all they have to then do is open the word processor and "paste" the image in. If they choose to save, they just have to remember the name of the graphic and where they save it (or you tell them where to save it — either a disk or somewhere on the C drive most likely). Then when they open the word processor they simply select "Insert," then "Picture," and then "From File." They choose wherever they saved the image and find the one with the same name.

Shawn: Serenades for Sale

Shawn reports on the Mariachi bands in Garibaldi Square.

See Friday’s Monica suggestion (above).
Saturday, September 5  
Monica: Would You Care to Dance?

Monica reports on seeing traditional Mexican dances and dress.

See Friday’s Monica suggestion (above).
Sunday, September 6  
Team: Picture It: You, in Mexico, next year… Find out how!
  Shawn: Mi Familia
  Team: Mi Familia

Reports from Shawn and Monica on their "host families." The introduction also reorients students to AFS’ exchange programs around the world and how your students can get involved.

See Friday’s Monica suggestion (above).
Silvia: A Day at the Crisis Center

In this report Silvia has students imagine what it is like when a homeless youth comes in off the streets to take shelter at Casa Alianza, the organization she is volunteering with.

This story is good for building on some of her previous reports. If this is the first your students learn of these issues, a fun and solid activity for them would be to explore the "Calendar" on the site, which allows them to go into old reports dating back to the beginning of the Trek.

If your students have been following along, please take advantage of the Message Board and have them share their opinions about what youth here should try to do to help address the issue of homeless youth.

On the "Trekkers" page under "Your Turn" your students are invited to send in their ideas about everyday heroes. You can have them reflect on someone they admire and would like to have recognized, and share their story on the Message Board on the Trek Connect page.

On the Making a Difference page your students are encouraged to think more about what can be done to help the homeless youth in Mexico and to write a letter or make a phone call if they didn’t do so based on the last update. Critical in this effort is to have them do some of the reflections on how they can most impact the problem of homeless youth. So be sure they are thinking about these issues, and if you’d like them to get a little more excited about it, the Bulletin Board is available for them to write their ideas there.

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