Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: September 6 Team Log

Picture It: You, in Mexico, next year… Find out how!

Shawn & his host familyHave you ever thought you might like to travel to a different country? What would you say to a chance to stay in another country, attend school there for a semester, and live with a family there? That’s what you can do with AFS! Each year 10,000 students go to 55 different countries around the world.

Two of the Mexico Trek Team Members are staying with families in Mexico thanks to AFS. Today they share with you what it is like.

Monica and her host motherLearn what these Mexican families are like and imagine what it would be like for you to be there!

Shawn is staying with the Marroquin family. (Read Shawn's dispatch about his host family.)

Monica is staying with the Mateos family.(Read Monica's dispatch about her host family.)

You can also meet some students who are in Mexico right now with AFS by checking out the August 26 Mexico Trek updates (on the calendar).

You can find out more about AFS by visiting their website.

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