Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: September 2 Team Log

La "Noche Triste"

Aztec drawing of the massacreA group of Spaniards came to live among the Aztecs for many weeks and were treated like kings. One of them was even given the daughter of the king as a servant. But they did not want to live with the Aztecs; they wanted to rule over them and have all of their riches for themselves. And one night when many Aztec warriors were celebrating their god of war and dancing late into the night — without their weapons — the Spaniards attacked them and killed almost every one of them. Only those who hid among the dead and pretended they were also dead survived.

Aztec drawing of the chaseThe Aztecs fought back and the Spaniards were forced to stay inside several buildings. One night they decided to escape from the city, but an Aztec woman collecting water saw them and cried out. All of the Aztec warriors came and chased the Spaniards as they tried to run from the city with their gold! By the time the night was over 600 Spaniards were dead and over 1000 people from a tribe that had been helping the Spaniards were dead with them. They say that some of the gold and jewels the Spaniards tried to steal is still buried under the city that grew up in the same place — Mexico City.

The Spaniards would eventually come back with more people from other tribes and they would defeat the Aztecs. They would write stories about their conquest and they would name that night that they were driven from the city "La Noche Triste," The Sad Night.

For the Aztecs La Noche Triste was very important for they had beaten their enemy.

Do you agree that the name "La Noche Triste is a good name for this night, or would you recommend a different name? Share your opinion on the Message Board on the Trek Connect page!

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