Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: September 2 Team Log

Homeless Child A Poem from the Streets

This poem was shared with us
by the people at Casa Alianza
to share with you. Itís first in Spanish,
then in English.

En Español In English
A ti niño escondido
que te han tenido en el olvido
que los ricos te han temido
por ser como un mendigo
porque ellos no han sufrido
lo que es no tener un abrigo

Dime tú que lo tienes todo
por qué esta vida
tiene que ser tan prohibida
para mi gente querida

A ti querido amigo yo te digo
no te eches al olvido
a ti que padre no has tenido
y por eso en las calles has dormido
y del portal has hecho tu nido
que los ricos han invadido
para poder acabar contigo

Ludvin Omar Valdés
17 años
Residente de Casa Alianza

To you hidden youngster
who has been left forgotten
who the rich have feared
for being like a beggar
because they have not suffered
what it means not to have a shelter

You, who has everything, tell me
why must this life
be so forbidden
for my people that I love so.

To you, my dear friend I say
donít let yourself be forgotten,
you that has had no father
and therefore has slept
on the streets
making a doorway your only nest
that the rich have invaded
to be able to finish you off.

Ludvin Omar Valdés
17 years old
Resident of Casa Alianza

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