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SilviaS I L V I A  M O N T E R O

The daughter of Spanish and Cuban parents, Silvia grew up between Alicante, Spain, and California, USA. Now, her home is in a coastal town of Spain with her family and grandmother "Nona". She tries to live a simple life and rides her yellow mountain bike everywhere she can. Yellow makes her happy.

Interview with Silvia.

Silvia's Log
Silvia - Letter Home
Silvia - Youth, Know Your Rights!

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8/26/98 - Home Sweet Home - 14 Housemates, a House Educator, a Cocinera (Cook), and a Husky
8/25/98 - Check it out! Riding the buses in Mexico can be an experience!
8/24/98 - What's it like to live on the streets? Meet David - he's been there
8/21/98 - Drainpipes and drugs - Hitting the streets with Casa Alianza
8/21/98 - Young and homeless? Unfortunately you're not alone
8/20/98 - What to do when people WON'T TALK!
8/18/98 - What can we do to help street children.
8/17/98 - On a personal note - Thanks to everyone!
8/16/98 - Her take on Old Town - San Diego
8/15/98 - Thoughts on homeless youth
8/14/98 - Mexican culture and murals.


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