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MonicaM O N I C A  F L O R E S

Monica grew up in Canada, the daughter of immigrants from the Phillipines. In college, she studied environmental systems technology and took time off to travel around the world on a floating classroom with the Semester at Sea program. A firm believer in community service, Monica biked 583 miles for the California AIDS Ride, did triage at the Los Angeles Free Clinic, and taught basic apiculture (beekeeping) to children in Northern California.

Interview with Monica.

Monica's Log
8/29/98 - SACRIFICES!!!
8/28/98 - Por fin! Meeting with Silvia and Shawn

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8/27/98 - Montezuma’s Revenge — An Ode
8/27/98 - Food fit for emperors!
8/26/98 - What’s bigger than Godzilla and has 250,000 heads?
8/25/98 - Personal Journal: CULTURE SHOCK!
8/25/98 - I’m not tardy — I’m on Mexican time!
8/21/98 - Wanna visit another country? These youth are doing it. Find out how!
8/18/98 - Life on the border
8/17/98 - Meet Itzel and Alexandra
8/16/98 - Journal Entry
8/15/98 - Thoughts on making it in life.
8/14/98 - Thoughts of food, music and... pollution?


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