Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 30 Team Log

Battle of the Gods!

OK, by now you’ve got the idea that things take time here in Mexico. So we didn’t get to visit one of the places we wanted to: Tula, also known as Tollan. Why would we want to go there?

Because it was the site of a battle between two of the most powerful and important gods — Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl!

These two are brothers — let’s call them Q and T- and like a lot of brothers they seem to always be going at it. First T wanted to be the first sun, but Q knocked him out of the sky with a stick. T turned into a jaguar and ate all the people that existed then. (Cold, huh?)

Then Q tried to be the second sun, but T did his jaguar trick again and slapped Q out of the sky. Q fell, turned into a massive wind, and killed all the people that existed under the second sun. (Not much better than Q!)

Trivia!So Q went on and became the rule of the people who lived at Tula. He lived with them for a long time and made them very happy. He taught them how to create jewelry, how to grow huge crops, he taught them how to build nice houses. In fact, he taught them everything EXCEPT the "art of war."

So T got a little jealous (as brothers sometimes do) and came to visit his brother, sliding down a spider’s web from the sky. He challenged his brother to play the Aztec ball game. When they were playing T turned into a — can you guess? — jaguar, and tried to kill Q.

Q ran away and swore he would travel over the oceans to the land of the sun where he would drink from the fountain of youth and return young and strong and whoop on T. Trivia!Well while he was gone, T tricked all of the people of Tollan. He killed all of the young people by hurling them down a canyon, and he caused a local volcano to erupt and destroy everyone else!

And the story doesn’t end there. News arrived to the Aztec capital hundreds of years later that Q had returned! Well, guess how the Aztecs felt. Stay tuned next week when we tell you what happened!

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