Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 29 Monica's Log


People often talk about the sacrifices the Aztecs made for their gods. Well not only are those usually exaggerated, people generally don’t talk about why they made them. And what is talked about even less is all of the sacrifices the gods made to create the world, the moon, and all of US!

Monica, Kana, and FernandoI am thinking about sacrifices because I got to visit Teotihuacan today with Silvia and Shawn. Not only is Teotihuacan a place where the gods made some of their most important sacrifices, but just getting there required some sacrifices on the part of Silvia, Shawn and me!

I think some of what happened to us is because of cross-cultural communication (confusion?). My host sister Kana and her new husband Fernando offered to take me to the great pyramids of Teotihuacan.

Sounds simple, right?

Well first off, Silvia thought she was going to come to my house so she headed out on the Metro when we thought we were supposed to pick her up. Then it turns out that Lucy and Hugo, Shawn's host sister and brother, also wanted to go and thought THEY were going to drive!

So we had to clear those confusions up — SACRIFICE #1 for the Mexico Trek Team!

Sacrifice #1

We finally decided that Lucy would drive Hugo, Shawn and me, and that Silvia would just have to take the bus. (By the way, Lucy’s real name is Lucia, "Lucia" but that sounds close to "luchar", which means "to fight" in Spanish, so she prefers Lucy!)

Silvia? Take the bus? Sounds like SACRIFICE #2 for the Mexico Trek Team!

Sacrifice #2

How bad is it?It should have been easy from there right?

Well we spent about 3 hours getting lost on Mexico City's highways, and Hugo asked for directions twice before we finally found a toll road that would take us to Teotihuacan. (That’s right — SACRIFICE #3!!!) We were getting close, and once we rode away from the smog and noise of the downtown area, I became more comfortable. On the toll road, we caught a glimpse of the pyramids in the distance - VERY exciting.

Sacrifice #3!

Ohhhh... THAT bad!We were home free, right?

At a driveway near the entrance to the pyramids, the asphalt turned into a road with lots of stones. We slowed down as we drove onto the stony part, but Wham! The car shuddered and Lucy gave a little squeal. She braked hard, and we all looked at each other before she tried to press the gas. Nothing happened, so I went outside to look. Bad news. The right front tire had been twisted outwards.

SACRIFICE #4 for the Mexico Trek Team!

Sacrifice #4

All's well that ends well!Lucy and Shawn called the tow truck, and when they came back they had found Silvia. Excellent. We had made it, we were together, and after some rain, a rainbow came out. I've heard that "All's well that ends well," and I think that in this case, it's true. And if you have to make sacrifices along the way, well, it just makes you appreciate it more!


Sacrifice #5


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