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Everyone’s entries this time have to do with the daily things — both endearing and not so — that make Mexico Mexico!


Tuesdy - 8/25/98
Monica - Personal Journal: CULTURE SHOCK!
Monica - I’m not tardy — I’m on Mexican time!
Silvia - Check it out! Riding the buses in Mexico can be an experience!

Wednesday - 8/26/98
Monica - What’s bigger than Godzilla and has 250,000 heads?
Sylvia - Home Sweet Home - 14 Housemates, a House Educator, a Cocinera (Cook), and a Husky

Thursday - 8/27/98
Monica - Food fit for emperors!
Monica - Montezuma’s Revenge — An Ode
Shawn - Personal Journal: Is the Internet broken, or is it just me?!?


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Your Turn
Should parents and teachers prevent kids from doing things that can be harmful to them, or should it be up to kids to decide and to learn the hard way? Does it depend on what you’re talking about?

What about all of the kids on the streets of Latin America that are addicted to sniffing chemicals [See Silvia’s reports from 8/26/98]? Should those chemicals be banned to stop the kids from using them or should it be up to the kids to decide if they want to sniff chemicals?

Tell us what YOU think!

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