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The Mexico Trek will be updated every Saturday night so you can check it out on Sunday while you are finalizing plans for the week, and every Wednesday night by 6 EST so you can plan for Thursday and/or Friday.

Caution: We’d like to repeat our caution about the subject matter being addressed. The update this week moves away from the harsh topics about homelessness that were hinted at last week. However, the Making a Difference page begins to address the topic of drug use among homeless youth head on. It doesn’t give many details and doesn’t even tell what the chemicals are that are abused, BUT it does have some links to more information on other websites that do get explicit. So please just be aware.

Click here for quick suggestions for using the August 29 update with students!

To help you plan for what's coming, check out the Mexico Trek Itinerary.

First time here? Check out the brief Orientation.


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Orientation An orientation to the Mexico Trek, how to plan for it, and how to use it in your classroom.
"Mexico" Lessons Lesson plans on Mexican history and culture based on national standards that tie in directly with what the Mexico Trek Team does.
"Youth & Society" Lessons Lesson plans addressing three essential questions on this theme that tie in with service learning activities and what the Mexico Trek Team does.
Teacher's Bulletin Board & Links A space for teachers to share ideas and lessons, get advice, schedule chats, and learn about other recommended online resources.
FAQs Limited technology, limited time, unlimited student surfing - these concerns and more in: Frequently Asked Questions.
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