Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 27 Monica's Log


Monica sharing lunch with Shawn's host family.You may know that Montezuma (whose real name was Motecuzoma) was one of the last Aztec emperors. He was killed when the Spanish came and took over.

When people come to Mexico and get sick it’s often called "Montezuma’s Revenge", like it’s Montezuma’s way of getting back at foreigners for taking over.

Many people who come to Mexico aren’t used to the food here. Much of it is not as clean as what we’re used to. And so we end up sick. And it’s not fun, or pretty.

Shawn and I have both had Montezuma’s Revenge, and I wrote a poem which I dedicate to Shawn.

An Ode to Montezuma’s Revenge, by Monica Flores
Dedicated to: Shawn

I think it was the sopa verdura.
It was vegetable soup:
with chilis
in broth.

It sat in my stomach for a long while.

I rested.
I rested some more.
I rested.

But then...

Oh no
Need to get out
need to get outside
need to get outside NOW

The girl asks, "Are you okay?"
I do not answer.
(I am busy. Do you call it a technicolor yawn?)
Estoy enferma del estomago.



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