Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 27 Monica's Log

Food fit for emperors!

Many of the foods of Mexico today (and now found throughout the world!) come from the Aztecs or their American neighbors.

ChayoteLet’s start with a pretty important one for most people — chocolate! Yep, nobody in Europe, Africa or Asia had chocolate until they learned about it from the people in the Americas (North and South America).

And how about corn? Corn, known here as "maize," is also from the Americas — most likely from the area where Mexico is today — and was very important to the people who lived here. The Mayas believed that people were first made from corn. The Aztecs had myths about the many times the gods tried to create different kinds of corn before they found the "real corn." They say the real corn was hidden in a mountain and one of the most famous gods, Quetzalcoatl, had to turn himself into an ant and follow another ant to find it.

When the Aztec emperors would eat, they would always have people making fresh tortillas - little corn pancakes - very nearby. They would continually place the new warm tortillas near the emperor. The meals placed before the Aztec emperor were huge and exquisite. Historians indicate the Aztecs were very good chefs! At these meals it has been said Fettucinethe emperor drank nothing but melted chocolate! Not bad, huh?

Just like the emperors of five hundred years ago, most Mexicans today rarely eat a meal without tortillas!

For more information on Mexican foods, you can visit the Mexico Trek Guide Book! Everything you ever wanted to know about corn can be found on the "Maize Page." For more on the history of Chocolate, check out CandyUSA.

For you maize fans or "Mexican Food Expert" wannabes, here’s a "receta." This is a tasty snack and I highly suggest you try it sometime.

"Delicioso. Muy rico."

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