Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 26 Monica's Log

Trivia!What's bigger than Godzilla and has 250,000 heads?

How many people live in your town or city?

  • If you live in San Francisco, California it’s about 700,000.
  • If you live in Malvern, Iowa it’s about 1,200.
  • It it’s Casa Grande, Arizona it’s 20,000.
  • If it’s Barnwell, South Carolina it’s about 5,500.
Taking a break with HugoIf you want to find out the population of any place in the US, it’s easy! Just go to the website with the 1990 census information!

Hugo & Shawn at the Theatre School.So why am I writing about population?

Because today Shawn and I visited the National Autonomous University of Mexico - UNAM. It’s considered the best university in Mexico and IT IS "GIGANTE!"

There are 250,000 students here from all over Mexico and the world! That’s about 1/3 of all the people in San Francisco! Or to have that many people would take 200 Malverns, or over 10 Casa Grandes, or 50 Barnwells!

We had a sort of tour guide because Shawn’s "host brother," Hugo, went with us. What’s a host brother? Remember that Shawn and I get to stay with Mexican families just like the students who are in Mexico from all over the world with AFS. [Did you miss that story? Check it out in the August 26 update!] So if the parents of the family are like Shawn's parents, then Hugo is like his brother, or "host brother." Hugo hopes to attend the UNAM next year. We all visited the Biblioteca Nacional, or National Library. All four sides of the building are covered with mosaics of famous historical scientists like Ptolemy and Copernicus, and events in Mexican history.

Monica vies for position on the busThere are crowded buses that take you around the campus. Once you’re at the university it can still take a whole hour just to get to your particular building. Believe me, we did it to get to a dance performance at the political science building. We took a bunch of pictures that we’ll share with you in about a week when we are taking a look at traditional Mexican culture! Stay tuned!

PS — Hugo wants to go to the UNAM. If you're thinking about going to college already check out College Edge. It helps you select a college and you can apply online to save money!



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