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August 26, 1998 Update


What’s in the August 26 site?

Shawn and Monica attended an AFS retreat for 80 kids from all over the world visiting Mexico.

Silvia began her stay with Casa Alianza working with street youth.

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Friday — 8/21/98  
Monica: Wanna visit another country? These youth are doing it. Find out how!

Here Monica explains AFS, tells kids how they can get info on studying abroad, and uses an activity to explore cultural assumptions.

You can easily have the kids read this report and write a summary of what they thought when they first read the story about cultural assumptions. NOT SO EASY is getting the kids to write what they think before they read the ending!
Shawn: Mexico - It’s all about Tequila and sombreros, right? It’s not?
Plus: Write to us! Do you think parents should be more or less strict?

This is a short entry about an activity the AFS students did about cultural assumptions.

Try having your kids do the same activity — if you have magazines they can cut up. It just involves doing collages about Mexican culture and the kids’ culture based on what they can find in magazines.
Silvia: Young and homeless? Unfortunately you’re not alone

Silvia: Drainpipes and drugs - Hitting the streets with Casa Alianza

These two reports are full of information about life on the streets for youth in Mexico

Students can easily respond by writing about if they have ever thought about running away. easy but risky for what they might generate is having the students write pretend diaries as if they were street youth.

NOTE: Tie this in with Silvia’s report from Monday, and take a look at the Making a Difference page where students do their own research on homeless youth.

Saturday — 8/22/98  
Shawn vs The World in basketball

Shawn saw a talent show of youth from around the world and learned that they already know a lot about basketball.

Fun, but takes some time and structuring: What would your students do for a talent show that demonstrates their own culture?
Sunday — 8/23/98  
Meet Suppalak, Jitlado, and Asle!

Interviews with 3 students from Thailand and Norway

This can be great if you want your kids to learn more about the Internet. It gives them a link to MapQuest where theyu can look up Norway and Thailand and any other countries you’d like.

NOTE: see how quick MapQuest is on your computers! If it’s too slow the youngins’ll get restless!

Monday — 8/24/98  
Silvia: What’s it like to live on the streets? Meet David - he’s been there

Silvia briefly relates the story of David, a former street kid.

NOTE: It refers to him being physically abused, abusing drugs, and seeing a friend get shot.

See Sylvia’s Friday report.

On the "Trekkers" page under "Your Turn," your students are invited to send in their ideas about whether parents should be strict with their kids AND to send their questions for the youth Silvia is working with.

On the Making a Difference page your students are encouraged to use the Web as a resource to learn more about street youth around the world — why they become homeless, what difficulties they then face, how many homeless kids there are, etc.

NOTE 1: You might want to try using the Making a Difference activity from Aug 22 before this one.

NOTE 2: This activity, like all involving Web searches, wil require your close supervision, not only so you can monitor the appropriateness of the content of different sites for your kids, but also so you can help them find material aimed at their skill level.


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