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Friday - Monday -
Shawn and Monica attended an AFS retreat for 80 kids from all over the world visiting Mexico.
Silvia began her stay with Casa Alianza working with street youth.


Friday - 8/21/98
Monica - Wanna visit another country? These youth are doing it. Find out how!
Shawn - Mexico - It's all about Tequila and sombreros, right? It's not? Plus: Write to us! Do you think parents should be more or less strict?
Silvia - Young and homeless? Unfortunately you're not alone
Silvia - Drainpipes and drugs - Hitting the streets with Casa Alianza

Saturday - 8/22/98
Shawn - Shawn vs The World in basketball.

Sunday - 8/23/98
Shawn - Meet Suppalak, Jitlado, and Asle!

Monday - 8/24/98
Silvia - What's it like to live on the streets? Meet David he's been there


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Keep sending questions for Silvia to ask the youth of Mexico, and send us your thoughts on Shawn's question about strict parents! We'll post some of them on our bulletin board this week!


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