Mexico Trek! making a difference The Service Philosophy of The Odyssey
The Odyssey designs its treks to be socially progressive and proactive forces in education. The treks address the issues and promote the skills that are becoming increasingly necessary for students to be successful as individuals and as leaders in addressing some of the world's most urgent problems.

Each trek explores one or more of the following ten themes. (The Mexico Trek is focusing on Theme 9: "Youth and Society".)

  1. The Internet and Society
  2. Community
  3. Indigenous People
  4. Wealth and Poverty
  5. The Environment and Development
  6. The Global Community
  7. Nature of Conflict
  8. Gender Roles and Representations
  9. Youth and Society
  10. Social Change in Theory and Practice

The themes resonate throughout the dispatches and other reports on the trek site, and they are also developed through curriculum units available to teachers on-line.

The skills and knowledge that students gain will be put into practice through service learning activities, working with local organizations partnered with The Odyssey (in the case of the Mexico Trek, Casa Alianza), and working on projects that arise from the students' own concerns and interests. Suggested activities will appear on the "Making A Difference" page.

Making a Difference

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