Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 21 Monica's Log

The Solution to Line's Story

Trivia!Remember you have to be careful when looking at other cultures because they can be very different from yours. This story is a good example.

The truth in this made-up story is that this culture is very much in tune with the earth.

  • Only the women are considered pure enough to be in direct contact with the earth--that's why they can be barefoot, while the men have to cover their feet.
  • The language is similar to the language of animals, so there are bird chirps and clicking and hissing noises.
  • It is an honor to be pushed towards the earth--again, only the women can have this honor. When a man pushes a woman's head slowly to touch the ground, this is considered the utmost form of respect.
  • There have been attempts to poison the women in this village, so the men have volunteered to taste all the food. When they are sure it is safe, the women may eat.
  • Because this is an earth-centered culture, and women are special, the women with the biggest feet are chosen to be rulers, because they have more contact with the ground than people with smaller feet.
So remember to be very open-minded about things you see and hear because they may not mean what you think!



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