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Wednesday - The team visits the colorful border town of Tijuana.

Thursday - ARRIVAL IN MEXICO CITY!! The trekkers got in late and got some sleep.

Friday - First day in Mexico City! The team explores The Zocalo and the Aztec ruins nearby.


Tuesday - 8/18/98
Monica - Wanna hear the Macarena? Wanna hear it for 24 hours straight! - Life on the border
Sylvia - Personal Reflection from Tijuana- What can we do to help street children. PLUS: Tell Silvia what you want her to ask Mexican youth!

Wednesday - 8/19/98
Shawn - Personal Reflection from Tijuana - Lots of colors, lots of poverty, and lots of vegetarian food (NOT!)

Thursday - 8/20/98
Shawn - Day one (¡¡¡Arriba!!!Arriba!!!) in Mexico City (Part 1) - Aztec dancing, Aztec ruins, modern day cops
Shawn - Day one in Mexico City (Part 2)
Sylvia - Personal Reflection from Mexico City- What to do when people WON'T TALK! PLUS: Share your suggestions!


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Your Turn
Do you have e-mail? (If not, you can get it now! Click here and look for Yahoo!Email.) Write to us and tell us what your impression of Mexican culture is. We want to hear from people who don't think they know much and people who think they know a lot, and are maybe even Mexican or Mexican American! Wešll post people's thoughts on the bulletin board when it's ready next week!


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