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The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching students about the world and about community service -- via the Internet. It does so through its treks, where intrepid explorers travel the globe and send back reports to websites, which students can follow in the context of a classroom curriculum created by The Odyssey.

The Mexico Trek leaves for the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan on August 15, 1998. A team of three trekkers will spend more than a month in Mexico, reporting on Mexico and their work with a local organization, Casa Alianza, which helps street children. You can follow their adventures and insights, seeing the places they visit, meeting the people they meet, and learning what they learn. To jump into the trek, go to the Basecamp.

The World Trek will leave in January 1999. During this two-year, around-the-world adventure, ten trekkers will cross the globe, stopping in ten major centers of civilization on five continents. Once again, students around the world will follow their adventures and learn about the world via the Internet.

To learn more about The Odyssey, turn to The Odyssey website.

Teachers can find out about lesson plans and other resources at the Teachers' Zone.

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