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Today — Using the phone to gain power!

Next time — Tapping the power of the Internet!

AND THEN — Getting busy!

Here’s the scoop. Silvia is going to be living and working with Casa Alianza, a group that works with homeless youth. YOU can help Casa Alianza and kids in your own neighborhood just by educating yourself and making a decision that you want to Make a Difference!

Silvia is concerned about what just one person can do to help homeless youth. She’ll let you know what she finds out with Casa Alianza. But what can you do to help other kids in your community?

First — you have to find out what’s already going on! SO… If you want to be one of those people in the world who’s helping make the world a better place, who’s not going to just sit by and watch everything just keep on like it is, here’s what you should do:

Go to Casa Alianza's website to learn more about their organization.
Casa Alianza logo

For a more detailed explanation of the service philosophy behind The Odyssey treks, click here.

Things You Can Do

Make a few phone calls.

That’s it. Just a few phone calls.

See what you can find out about homeless youth in your town by making some phone calls.

Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Are there many homeless youth in your community?
  • Have many kids in your community run away?
  • Why do kids run away?
  • What kinds of problems do homeless kids run into?
  • Where can homeless kids go in your community for help?
  • How do they eat, stay clean, go to school, find friends, have fun, stay warm or cool?
  • What do people in your community do when kids run away?
And here are some places you should call. Just look them up in the phone book. Try calling the following places. If anyone tells you they can’t help you, ask them who can and what that phone number is!

  • City hall
  • The hospital
  • A local school
  • The police station
  • The health department
  • Any local homeless sheltars
  • The YMCA
  • Or even the library!
Try to write down what you learn so you can share it with youth all over the world who want to Make a Difference!


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