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The following links were compliled and reviewed by a pair of high school students, Angie Leung and Ariana Carvajal. We hope you like them.

All About Mexico: You will find everything about the magical country of Mexico: its culture, its people, and its services. Good site with a lot of information and cool and interesting pictures.

Mexican Art: Displays all types of Mexican art including images of the many paintings and artwork. Also has other infomraion concerning Mexican art. Good pictures and good art site.

Mexican Arts & Entertainment: Cool culture, arts and entertainment page with lots of good graphics of paintings and photographs (includes art galleries as well).

Mexican Bullfighting: Shows what Bullfighting means to Mexico. Includes an art gallery, the important bullrings and ranches in Mexico, and information (along with photos) on many famous Mexican Bullfighters.

Mexican Cuisine: Mexican cuisine for all! Offers great Mexican recipes, how to shop for fruits and vegetables, food term translator, and much more for you whip up the best Mexican meal by yourself. Also talks about the meaning of Mexican cuisine and cooking to the Mexican culture.

Mexican Culture: Site to explore Mexico's culture, art, language, and music. Even includes a dictionary of Mexican slang!

Mexican Lifestyle: Interesting site with information on Mexico's arts, entertainment, sports, travel, and new happenings. A lot of text and good info but not much graphics.

Mexico Sports: Describes the many destinations where you can play sports such as golf and tennis and dive and fish (and other water sports as well) in Mexico. Gives good travel tips with cool graphics.

Mexico Travel: This is the site to plan your vacation or trip to Mexico. It includes anything and everything you need to know about traveling to Mexico. Allows you to find specific places (such as parks and forests), and where lodging and tours are available. You will also find some cool links.

Murals: We've amassed several links to mural sites so you can explore this gorgeous artistic tradition:



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