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Tortillas are a typical Mexican food. Learn how they're made the traditional way, and find yummy recipies for Enchiladas Rojas (Red Enchiladas) in the Food section.
Tenochtitlan was founded by the Aztecs when they found an eagle eating a snake on top of a catcus, the exact sign their god of war had told them to look for. Today, the city -- now called Mexico City -- is the longest continually inhabited city in the world. Learn more about the history of the city and the region that is now the country of Mexico in the History section.

On the Day of the Dead, Mexicans celebrate their ancestors and their children by gathering at cemetaries to decorate graves and hold picnics. Learn more about this holiday, and others, in the Holidays section.

Find links to cool webpages on everything from Mexican sports to arts and entertainment, even to bullfighting!, in the Links section.


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