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Saturday - The team traveled from San Francisco to San Diego (yes, by plane - it was cheaper than the bus!) There they visited Covenant House, a great group working with homeless youth.

Sunday - On this day the team... ok, we confess, they rested and hung out. But check out what they did on...

MONDAY! - The team went on a mural walk guided by some friends they met along the way AND went to Barrio Logan - site of a famous protest! Finally, they ended up in Old Town San Diego.


Saturday - 8/15/98
Team - What would you do if you were living on the streets? Finding a home at Covenant House.
Monica - Thoughts on making it in life.
Shawn - Covenant House Impressions
Silvia - Thoughts on homeless youth

Sunday - 8/16/98
Team - The Center of the World - A Tale of Courage and Cultural Pride.
Monica - Journal Entry
Silvia - Her take on Old Town - San Diego

Monday - 8/17/98
Team - OK, this is how old? A visit to Old Town San Diego.
Monica - Meet Itzel and Alexandra
Silvia - On a personal note - Thanks to everyone!


Check out all their dispatches & their profiles!





Your Turn
Do you have e-mail? (If not, you can get it now! Click here and look for Yahoo!Email.) Write to us and tell us what your impression of Mexican culture is. We want to hear from people who don't think they know much and people who think they know a lot, and are maybe even Mexican or Mexican American! Wešll post people's thoughts on the bulletin board when it's ready next week!


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