Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 17 Team Log

OK, this is how old? A visit to Old Town San Diego

Picture this: 6 blocks of buildings, restaurants, and shops that look just like you’re living in the 1800s in San Diego, California. Now that means if it’s before 1848 you’re in Mexico, but if it’s after 1848, you’re in the U.S.!

Old Town San Diego Historic Park is located right where the original Pueblo of San Diego was founded and it reflects the cross-cultural influences of Southern California life during the Mexican and early American eras, 1821-72.

We (Silvia and Monica — Shawn is still playing with the computers!) visited Old Town on Monday after resting for a day and visiting Monica’s mom. Old Town is the most-heavily visited National Park in the US, but that's because each restaurant considers each guest as a visitor!

Casa de BandiniTwo old houses, built by wealthy Mexican landowners, have been converted into restaurants, including Fandango and Casa de Bandini. Notice the two stories and the porch all the way around the top! The Fandango is a Mexican dance party lasting 2-3 days, usually while celebrating a wedding or christening. The whole town would be invited to share food, music, and good times.

OK, so we had more photos that didn’t turn out. We’re learning! Keep reading anyway!

The main plaza includes replicas of the stocks that prisoners would stay in and the flagpole, while the Old Adobe church is a historic state site where the first families of San Diego would attend mass. The Johnson House displays Spanish and early American artifacts, including the tools used to dig them up.

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