Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 17 Monica's Log

Meet Itzel and Alexandra - Monday, August 17

Drawing in San DiegoWhile Silvia and I were walking around looking at murals we met two girls sitting on their porch drawing. We went over and said "hi" and had the privilege of spending some time with Itzel Sampogna, 14, an 8th grader at Correia Jr. High School in Point Loma, and her best friend Alexandra Quevedo, 12, who's entering 7th grade at Memorial Jr. High School. Itzel's real name is Samantha Itzel, but she prefers to go by her middle name.

Itzel and AlexandraThey took us around to see the murals in Chicano Park. Itzel pointed out her favorite, which she likes because "it shows on the left side how people were before us, and on the right side how they become - it's like our people from the past and then in the future" On the left side are strong, proud historic Mexicans and on the right are modern Mexican Americans." [To see some of the murals, check out the story on "The Center of the World."]

Clown By Samantha Itzel SampognaAlexandra and Itzel have lived here all their lives: Alexandra looks forward to school starting in the next 2 weeks-she's going to a summer camp for fun right now. Itzel wants to go to college and then the Marines, to be an officer. They've been hanging out all summer on the porch, but soon they'll both take the bus to school. Itzel only has Internet access for school projects so I told her to visit this site with her classmates and remind her teacher that it's educational. She loves to draw and she enclosed an ink drawing here to share with you. It says "The clown to me is how I feel inside, sometimes happy but sometimes sad." - By Samantha Itzel Sampogna.



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