Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 16 Silvia's Log

Her take on Old Town - San Diego, Monday, August 16th

What abounds with colorful flowers, refreshing fountains, pottery exuding the feel of earthiness, and the bustling of people moving and talking gaily? A typical Spanish/Mexican plaza! Around the bright, clashing flowers of the gardens, clay-tiled floors, inviting benches, and smiles of the passers-by, a plaza is a central meeting place where a community gathers to share stories, food, and music. Practically every Spanish town has one or more, and Mexico has continued this tradition.

I ventured through Old Town, a State Historic Park representative of how people lived 150 years ago, long after California's first mission, San Diego de Alcala, was established by Father Junipero Serra here in 1769. As more settlers traveled to the area after Mexico gained its independence from Spain and reclaimed it California lands, the plaza was created.

The square of Old Town is lined with historic buildings, as "Casa de Bandini", an hacienda (now a restaurant), "Seeley Stables" (now housing horse-drawn vehicles), and Bazaar del Mundo, a varied collection of arts-and-crafts from Latin America. Magenta bougainvillea and scarlet hibiscus abound, the sound of water flowing in the circular fountains exudes serenity, and the Mariachi music floating through the air kept me smiling, thinking of the warmth of the Mexican people. I plan on engaging in revealing conversations with Mexico's people in the plazas of their capital city. Do you want to join me at the plaza?




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