Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 15 Shawn's Log

Covenant House Impressions

Tenga un feliz viaje! Monica, Silvia and I finally set out on our journey to Mexico City today, flying out of Oakland at 11:00 AM and landing in Los Angeles where an old friend of mine picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at a place called Covenant House.

We spent a few hours there talking to one of the directors and touring the famous facility just a few blocks from Hollywood Boulevard. Covenant House is an international program which offers assistance to "at risk youth" in urban areas. I was very impressed with the modern facility and the patience and caring with which the staff treated the residents. Youth from 16 to 21 come to CH when they have no other place to turn because of family or drug problems. There they get a second chance to learn and prepare themselves for adult life in a safe setting with counseling and peer support.

This not a magic fix or a free ride, however, and those who come here find that the road to success requires a constant effort and a determined outlook. Many who are used to the freedom of street life may find the strict rules they are confronted with at CH difficult and constricting, but most agree that the opportunities here far outweigh those they find on the unforgiving streets of LA.

Tonight Monica and Silvia are going to take the train down to San Diego, to make the last preparations for our stay in la Ciudad de Mexico. I am going to stay in Venice with my friend for a few days and rest up before meeting them and flying to MC on Wednesday.



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