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  • Basecamp: Where the action takes place. Check out the latest dispatches, find out what's going on with the service project, and participate in the trek through polls and other "Your Turn" activities.
  • Trekkers: Meet our adventurers and follow their personal experiences.
  • Making a Difference: Learn about the Mexico Trek's service project and get ideas for things you can do in your own community.


  • Trek Connect: Email the trekkers, ask questions to the people they meet, chat with other students following the Mexico Trek, and participate in live chats with the trekkers.


  • Guidebook: Learn about Mexico and Tenochtitlan

  • Calendar: A calendar of what the trek will be doing in the future and what it's been up to in the past. Click on the links to pull up the trek from past dates.


  • Teachers' Zone: Background information, curricula and lesson plans, and other resources.

  • Contact Us: Email the stateside team with questions, comments, and suggestions.


  • Site Key: (This is where you are now.) The place to figure out how the site works and to find what you're looking for.


  • The Odyssey: Learn more about the organization leading the treks.


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