Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 14

Right on, free t-shirts!

Click on the image for an enlarged view.OK, so we don't get paid for doing this, but The Odyssey threw down these sweet-shirts. It was a wonderful day for us. We've been working so hard for so long trying to make our vision of The Odyssey a reality - it was first thought up over 3 years ago. Today the dream finally hit the road. We're off - today to Los Angeles, then San Diego, then Tijuana, and then... Mexico City!

With all the planning we've been doing you'd think the trip would go off without any problems, but something ALWAYS goes wrong, right? But something unexpected also always goes right, too! Like when we met Liz doing our mural tour. What will go right and what will go wrong? Check in next Wednesday for our next update - from the border!


Today's Dispatches:
Team: A Taste of Mexico
Team: Right on, Free T-shirts!
Team: Cesar Chavez - a man for the people.
Monica: Food, Music, and... Pollution
Shawn: Overwhelmed
Silvia: Mexican Culture and Murals

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