Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 14 Silvia's Log

Mexican culture and murals

Excitement and anticipation about our Mexico Trek overcame me today as I wandered through the Mission in San Francisco looking at murals with Monica and Shawn. We will discover so much about ourselves and those we will encounter during this adventure! How much do we truly understand about the Mexican culture and its people? I interpreted the murals as portraying messages of identity representing Hispanic life through their bright colors, symbolism, and personal quotes, but just gazing intently at the pictures is not revealing enough for me.

I want to have a Mexican explain to me what the picture means to him or her personally, and in that way gain insight into another land and its people's values. There's a story to be told behind each picture, life beyond the still art. For me, this is the heart of the Mexico Trek- being in contact with the Mexicans in their own land, and striving to learn about their Youth and Society as I live and work with homeless youth with the organizatin Casa Alianza. I want to share in the youths' struggles of living in the largest city of the world. Maybe when Monica, Shawn, and I come back to the Mission after the trek, I'll see the murals I gazed at today in a different light, though the youth in Mexico and I in San Francisco will be standing under the same sun.

Bienvenidos a la experiencia!!!!! (Welcome to the experience!)



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