Mexico Trek!   Trekkers DISPATCH: August 14 Monica's Log

Thoughts of food, music and... pollution?

One thing that I'd like to focus on is food because I love trying out new and different foods. Everything except eggplant. Do you think Mexican food is what you get at the fast-food restaurants? Are you thinking burritos with lots of hot sauce? "Fresh-Mex" dishes? The food we eat with the Mexican families we will live with may not be what YOU think is the taste of Mexico.

I also might need to focus on keeping fit and healthy. Mexico City's air has been blamed for skin problems, nervous disorders, mental retardation, cancer, and thousands of premature deaths a year, and the estimated cost of medical treatment for pollution-related ailments? Try US$850 million to US$1 billion. I can probably look forward to a sore throat, a very runny nose, probably a headache and even insomnia. The mountains that ring the Valle de Mexico prevent air from dispersing, so the city's traffic and industrial pollution just hangs in the air. Sounds like some other cities, most similarly Los Angeles, which is also in a valley. The city instituted Hoy no Circula (Don't Drive Today) in 1989: every car is banned from city streets one day each week. How's the air pollution where you live? and more importantly, who do you think is going to take ill first? Vote on Shawn, Silvia or me, and frankly, I think you'd win by voting on me.



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